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A new Level of Competition

Coon Hunters Kennel Club

Coon Hunters Kennel Club is one of the newest kennel clubs formed in the coon hunting sport.  I guess you could say it started on a lark so to speak when it's founder Brendon Glass started a thread on one of the KC boards.  From that he started his own forum where the idea of starting CHKC took life.  The forum was like the wild west and has since been taken down after the process of forming CHKC was started.  Because of the way that forum was being run taking it down was a good call.

CHKC had their first year of hunts in the year 2012.  In 2013 they had their First World Championship.  At that hunt the World Champion was awarded a check for $40,000.00.


Presenting the $40,000 check to Scott Engle and Randy Morgan are Brandon Glass and Roy Tramble.