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For the most part you would be correct in saying that the foundation stock for the Treeing Walker Breed came mostly from single registered hounds of the 1940's.  With this there are some exceptions.

One exception is WHITE RIVER KING.  King was owned by Lester Nance, the person who named these spotted hounds that liked to tree, Treeing Walker.  When the Walker breed was finally recognized as their own breed White River King was the first hound registered as a Walker - Treeing.  White River King was born in 1932 and he did live into the 40's.  His last litter of pups was born in January 1944.

At this time the Walker was still considered part of the English breed.  You will notice on King's UKC papers for breed:  English Coonhound (Walker - Treeing).

One of the other exceptions is INDIANA BOONE BOY.  Boone was born March 14, 1943.  He was single registered February 27, 1947.  Boone Boy's sire and dam were registered English Blueticks.  Actually his father was "PR" bred.    The sire and dam of Boone Boy was bred by Elbert Vaughn.  Yes that Elbert Vaughn.  Actually Indiana Boone Boy could have been a registered English Coon Hound but because of his coloring he was single registered as a Walker Coon Hound.

Warren Haslouer also got some spotted hounds with no ticks out of his English Coon Hounds.  People like Dick Hershberger would get some of these hounds to use in their breeding program.

The coloring of the Blueticks of today in most part is a lot darker then years ago when the Bluetick was still part of the English breed.

So these two exceptions to what could be called the foundation stock of the Treeing Walker breed  is White River King who was born in 1932 and Indiana Boone Boy who was actually out of registered hounds but was single registered as a Walker because of his coloring.

Most of the other hounds of what would be considered the foundation of the breed are hounds that were single registered and were alive in the 40's and early 50's.

In fact I would consider there to be a number of levels of foundation stock in the Treeing Walker breed.

Oldest Foundation Stock - Hounds of the 1940's.

Old Foundation Stock - Hounds of the early 1950's.

2nd Generation Foundation Stock - Hounds of the 1950's out of single registered parents.

Foundation Stock - Hounds of the late 1950's and early 1960's.

With these four sections of Foundation Stock you will have all of the hounds that have been responsible in laying the foundation for the Treeing Walker Breed.  Many hounds of these sections had a great impact on the Treeing Walker Breed.  But along with them there has been hounds of the 1970's, hounds of the 1980's that have had an impact on the breed.

Now we are at the point where every once in a while a hound will come along that makes a great impact on the breed.  We will attempt to recognize all of the hounds that have made a true impact on the breed in time as their impact is proven out with time and history.



There are numerous hounds down through the years that have helped make the Treeing Walker Breed what it is today.  In the beginning a foundation had to be built to establish this breed of hounds known as the Treeing Walker Coon Hound.

In this process that has been over 60 years since the first Treeing Walker was registered, there has been a few hounds that have had such a great impact on the breed they could very well be called Hounds Of Impact!

We will be adding to these pages some of these Hounds Of Impact giving some of the history of the dog that has been added to this page called Hounds Of Impact and the reason for their inclusion.  We will be adding dogs male and female as time and history warrants their addition.


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