Finley River Chief
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When we put this page up last year Steve Kinney of OKC agreed to provide us pictures of the pups out of Lipper and Jane to put on this page to keep people informed about the Litter Of Two Legends.  A name given to this litter by Steve Kinney. He even talked about doing a play by play when the pups were being born.  We didn't do that but just wanted to share how open he was to this page going up.

After the pups turned two weeks of age the folks at OKC started acting Very Weird or strange in my opinion. When you can easily get a hold of someone and then all of a sudden you can't that is strange in my opinion. And it has only gotten worse I feel.  What they have tried to do to Tom Hopkins is morally corrupt in my opinion and shouldn't have never played out this way.  If he was allowed to come and pick out and up his pup when he wanted to at least one of those pups would still be alive.  The folks at OKC has a past with the coon hound world and according to many that I have talked too not a good past in the minds of many.

I am sorry we haven't been able to keep people updated on these pups with a few pictures.  I am also sorry for the path it appears OKC has decided to take with this litter and their contract with Tom Hopkins.  If people knew everything concerning this, I think most would be shaking their head asking, WHY?  At least I am shaking my head asking why and so are the people I have talked too about this.


Some of the most exciting news I have heard about is that Steve Kinney and Tom Hopkins have joined to together to assure that World Champion Insane Jane will be mated to House's Lipper.  Every once in a while there comes a along a Cross For The Ages.  Not very often but they do happen.

I would think the Shetler's Sonny Boy and Bixler's Supreme Sally would have been one of the Cross For The Ages.  They were two the of the top hounds in their era.  Of course this cross produced Finley River Chief as the only male in the litter but you will find some of Chief's sisters in the pedigrees of many well known hounds also.  Together Chief and his sisters had an enormous influence on the treeing walker breed.

You could pick out a handful of such type crosses in the Walker breed or the other breeds.  They are few and far between.

Here with this cross of Insane Jane and Lipper you take two of the top hounds of their era and mate them.  The only difference is that with the help of science the two eras are around 25 years apart.  And with this help of science, one of the hounds of a years past era (Lipper) is in Insane Jane's pedigree.

Lipper proved himself in the woods and in the reproducing pen.  Jane has proved herself in the woods and also the reproducing pen.  Jane has nothing to prove in the woods or hunts.  With each litter produced she will just increase the proof to the world how she also excels in the breeding pen.

I don't believe this cross was planned to have pups to sale.  I believe it was planned to cross the Lipper Strain and the Insane Jane Strain together as close as possible.

Only time will tell how successful this cross will be but with both their records and their bloodlines, I myself am expecting wonderful results from this cross.

Even though these pups may not be available for sale, as they mature and prove themselves they will have offspring that we lovers of this great breed can enjoy and use to help a breeding program.

My sincere wish and hope is that Mr. Kinney and Mr. Hopkins have the greatest luck with this planned mating from conception to birth and beyond.  It may be a cross that many of us who love this breed will be thanking them for, for many years to come.

We will be following this cross after the mating takes place and will follow it through the start of the process.  After the pups are born we will follow their progress through this page.

800 Lipper Insane Jane Mating