Finley River Chief
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    Nite Champion Finley River Chief  
       "A Legend"

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Grand Nite Ch. Mear's Finley River Dan.

One of the best reproducing sons of Finley River Chief.


Lester Nance 

The Treeing Walker is one of the greatest coonhound breeds created.  This site is created with a love for the breed and the history of the breed.  For those of us that have hunted for years looking at some of these pictures of the greats of the past brings back wonderful memories.

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1996 UKC World Ch.
Hanna's Creek Mac Attack

Ch.Nite Ch. Motley's Mo. Major and Raymond Motley

Grand Nite Ch. Monroe's Finley River Joe


Grand Nite Champion
Wright's Pistol Pete

Grand Nite Champion
Yadkin Tar Rattler
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    Grand Nite. Ch.
     House's Chief

Grand Nite Ch.
Mear's Finley River Dan

Ch. Nite Ch.
Shetler's Sonny Boy

Dual Grand Ch.
Spring Creek Rock

Raymond Motley
Oklahoma Spot Jr.

World Champions
Stan's Sailor Boy
Merchant's Bawlie
House's Bawlie

Rock River Sackett Jr.
House's Lipper
Nocturnal Nailor and Lester Nance

1993 UKC World Ch.
House's Tri-Color Tom Tom

2007 UKC World Champion

Bellar's Janice Joplin

Ch. Nite Ch.
Nance's Little Topper

Grand Nite Ch.
River Bend Flag

Dual Grand Ch.
McCallister's Finley River Banjo

Dual Grand Ch.
House's Lipper

 Grand Nite Ch.
Nocturnal Nailor

Dual Grand Ch.
Gold Creek Mundo

Nite Ch. Brinkley's Ozark Mtn. Preacher

Dual Grand Ch.  Spring Creek Radar

If you are interested in the Finley River Strain of hounds, you will want to visit this site.  This kennel has as good a line of linebred Finley River hounds that you will find anywhere.  After going through very many pedigrees,  I don't know if you would be able to find better then what is here.  To go to the site.  CLICK HERE.


Grand Ch. Nite Ch.
Rock River Sid
If you are interested in a heavy  Rock River Sackett Jr. bred hound that is reproducing good hounds you may want to check out this site.  CLICK HERE: