Finley River Chief
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  Nite Champion Finley River Chief 
                    "A Legend"

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Ch. Nite Ch. Shetler's Sonny Boy
The father of Finley River Chief.  Sonny Boy was owned by John Shetler. At 10 years of age Sonny Boy won a hunt over 200 dogs.  98 registered 102 grade.  Back then there was as many grade dogs hunted as registered.  He scored more points then registered, grade, and champion of champions at 10 years of age. 

Ch Nite Ch Bixler's Supreme Sally Mother of Finley River Chief
  1965 ACHA World Ch.

Here is a picture of Finley River Chief and his son Finley River Spot.  Spot was a UKC Grand Nite Champion that John Monroe bought from Howard Claxton.  After Spot won the 1965 ACHA World Championship, John bought Nite Champion Finley River Chief from Herb Carstein.  Bought men were from Springfield, Missouri.  The name Finley River came from a river Herb hunted on often near Springfield, Missouri.  A few thanksgivings ago I had Thanksgiving Dinner at an Inn that overlooked the Finley River.
  Grand Nite Ch. Mear's Finley River Dan

Grand Nite Champion Mear's Finley River Dan was one of the best reproducing sons of Finley River Chief.  Dan was owned by Lonnie Mears.  Dan was a very good dog and his owner was a very good man.  I will have to check the records but I believe Dan placed in the Top 10 of the ACHA World Hunt more then once I believe.  The year I am thinking about I believed he placed 6th. I will update this information, just doing this from memory.  Dan produced many very good coon dogs.   He also produced 1981 ACHA World Champion Hern's Red Eagle Dick who was a grandson of Finley River Chief.

Grand Nite Champion Gann's Finisher was another son of Finley River Chief.  He won the World Championship in 1970.  I bred a female to him and went hunting with him in Mississippi.  Gann's Finisher was a coon dog.
  Grand Nite Champion Finley River Buck

Finley River Buck was also owned by Herb Carsten.  Buck was  a grandson of Finley River Chief.  I hunted with Buck on a cast in a nite hunt in Arkansas.  Finley River Buck was the  father of the 1973 ACHA World Champion Beanblossom Buck.  Beanblossom Buck was also owned by Pride Gann.  I also bred a female to Beanblossom Buck and hunted with him in Alabama.
  1981 ACHA World Ch. Hern's Red Eagle Dick

UKC Dual Grand Ch. ACHA Nite Ch. Senior Retired Bench Ch.  1980 ACHA World Ch. Male  1979 Little World Champion  1981  ACHA WORLD CHAMPION Hern's Red Eagle Dick won in the woods and on the bench also.  A son of Grand Nite Ch. Finley River Dan and a Grandson of Nite Ch. Finley River Chief.  I owned a very nice female out of Dick.
  Dual Grand Champion Spring Creek Rock

Dual Grand Ch. Spring Creek Rock was owned by Duane Clark, another good guy.  Rock was one of the best producers of his day.  He has produced many very good hounds that also win in the hunts.  Spring Creek Rock is a Grand Son of Nite Ch. Finley River Chief.  I was lucky enough to be one of the last ones able to breed to Rock and get pups.  I have noticed some of them that have made their championships and produced some really good dogs.

1983 ACHA World Champion Beanblossom Buck 

Johnson's Banjo


One of the greatest reproducers to live.  In the only ACHA World Hunt James Merchant hunted Banjo in he placed 2nd.

Oak Ridge Missouri Buglar 


Rock River Sackett Jr. 


Vance's Crowding Billy 


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